Google Glass: Can It Succeed?


I’ll tell you my thoughts:  Yes.  It’s not necessarily because of the design, or because it’s the brainchild of one of the most successful tech companies in history.  No, it’s because of the idea behind Glass.   Google’s goal is to get technology more readily available while also making it move out of the way.

Tell me this – When was the last time you sat down with a group of friends to talk, only to find half of them are staring at their cell phones rather than you.   Our constant desire to stay connected is not going away.  If anything, we’ll only become more connected.  Think of the non-tech generation aging and those who grew with a Kindle Fire HD as kids become adults.  We’re going to need quick and easy access to our online database (Has anyone pulled out a paper map lately?) and we’re going to need to do it in a way that fits into our daily lives.  Smartphones have started that trend.  With sales across the globe skyrocketing and your “average joe” now able to plug in your address and follow step-by-step directions, we need to find a way to get that data out of the way.

Out of the way?  Yes.  Cell phones are banned while driving in more and more states.  We all still catch others reading a text or heaven forbid – sending one – while driving behind you.   Human nature dictates we’ll not stop using those cell phones, only try to find ways around getting caught.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could get it all out of the way?  If your text messages popped up in your active line of vision so you don’t look away?  If voice scripts understand and send responses without touching a thing?



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