The Grom!


That’s right, the Grom.  Honda is giving the motorcycle community a shot in the arm in 2014 with a fresh take to commuter bikes.  125cc’s of awesome, the Grom promises to be equally functional and fun.

I’ve always wanted a small bike to ride around town but have never been able to get over my ego. Small bikes just look goofy under a 6′ tall man used to riding a 636cc no-compromise supersport.  The Grom? Well, it’s meant to look goofy and I kind of like it.   Those 12″ wheels offset with gold inverted forks…. The styling that looks like it’s bigger 1000+cc cousins… yet it will only have around 9hp and 8lb torque.  What!?

If this is where the future of small bikes are going, count me in.  80+ mpg in a compact but exciting package?  Yes, please.



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