The New Xbox One: Microsoft’s Ploy To Take Over


With so much excitement around the new gaming systems, Microsoft had a lot to win or lose at their event today revealing the new Xbox, dubbed the ‘Xbox One’ as in, the only ‘one’ system you’ll need.  While the Xbox was revealed later than Sony’s PS4, it actually got the jump on releasing images of their system.  They also gave us a good look at how Microsoft plans to use this system, both to the benefit and detriment to you, the consumer.  More details?  Read on.

First, the upsides.  Microsoft plans on replacing every other set top box you own… which might be nice considering how many remotes we have.  It responds entirely to voice, so imagine saying “Xbox, on.  Watch tv,” and sitting back to relax without having to find the remote.  “Xbox, watch a movie,” will instantly switch on a DVD, and when you’re bored, “Xbox, play a game” will switch back to your latest-saved conquest.  Cool.  An improved Kinect sensor is also being added which now reads both orientation and depth and can help you control the entire system without even touching a controller.  It is clear Microsoft is looking to turn this into a media center and not ‘just’ a game console.  There are 13 titles getting readied for release and with a number of franchises such as Halo and Forza exclusive to the system it looks like we’ll in for a number of really cool games.

Speaking of games… that’s where what seems to be bad news comes in.   Remember when you used to bring the new game you bought over to your buddies house to play with them? Ha, ha! Not so more, little gamer.  Microsoft’s way of “protecting against piracy” means games aren’t played off the disk you buy them on.  That info is downloaded to the hard drive and matched to your specific Xbox Live account (Did I mention, an active Xbox Live Account and subsequent bill needs to be paid before you can use your system?) and will not allow duplicate usage.  That means you’d have to bring your entire gaming system next door and stack in on top of your friend’s identical gaming system just to play.  What?  Xbox has said to be working on a way to disable games when you’re done so you can sell used games, but nothing has really been announced and who knows how that will pan out.  Need any more proof Microsoft has ditched the hardcore gamer as it’s consumer and broadened that to anyone with a television set… Xbox 360 games will not be backwards compatible.  If you were planning on selling your Xbox 360 in order to finance the Xbox One, think again.  If you do, sell off every game as well because they’ll be useless.  This also means I’ll need another system attached to my TV if I want to play any of those games which kind of goes against what the Xbox One is all about.  Why did they do that?


What’s funny is immediately after the announcement of the Xbox, Son’y stock soared. That’s good news for the Playstation 4 which seems to be more focused on the end consumer.  I’m not sure how this will all play out, but as a former Xbox supporter I’m timid to give my support to yet another corporation who values making money over my happiness with the way their products work for me.  Hm…



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