You Hate Your Cable Provider… And They Don’t Care.


The cable industry has been getting worse and worse customer service scores.  Your provider is even likely to be on the list if 5 worst companies to deal with. You would think that when 40% of your customers are upset you would do something about it, right?  Not in this case, where they can rake you over the coals and charge you exorbitant amounts for service and there’s not much you can do about it.  As an industry, they’ve given a proverbial middle finger to consumers as they know we have limited options.  So what can we do about it?  Read on to find out.

The cost to provide internet and phone service has been getting less and less over the years, yet our bills have been getting bigger.  It’s due to the limited number of options you have in choosing a provider in this country.  In reality, there are monopolies growing.  Don’t worry, the government has ways of squashing those in favor of public interest, right?  Wrong.  The top providers have worked around that by putting into effect ‘private understandings’ to stay out of each others’ areas.  If there is no competition, the consumers will have to pay whatever price is asked.  If they’re the only high-speed internet provider available, then those customer service scores really don’t matter.  Why change?  They’re pissing you off and overcharging you, and laughing about it.


Need more evidence?  How about AT&T who recently added a fee to your bill that’s expected to make them $500-600 Million each year.  Comcast once held title of “Worst Customer Service” but instead of fixing things, they just changed their name to “Xfinity” and hoped you’d forget.  Just look at the responses Comcast gives its customers.   Time Warner Cable is selling packages that go up in price and go down in speed.  Don’t expect the government to crack down, because each of the above companies have lobbyists which fill the pockets of government with cold hard cash. 

Our only hope is companies like Google Fiber to come alone and change things.  While it’s highly unlikely that will happen anytime soon, due mostly to the high entry fee of building cable networks, we can begin supporting smaller companies so they can provide us more choice in the future.  Unfortunately, that probably means living with slower speeds for more money.



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