In Concert: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

You’ve likely heard their music and been slightly enthralled.   Their jams are subtle, an indie ‘art punk’ which seems to attract a broad range of the music spectrum before kicking into high gear, rocking out for a few delicious beats only to return to a more mellow, subdued tone.   One gathers the songs reflects directly from the soul of lead singer Karen O and her experiences in life.  She’s powerful, she’s independent and under control until life blows up in her face and she bites back.  In fact, of all the positive comments coming from the crowd afterward, most were directed at the power of that one woman.


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been together since 2000 and started hitting the spotlight in 2006.  Since then, they’ve had insanely large hits like “Maps” (2003), “Heads Will Roll” (2009), and “Pin” (2003).  The name comes from the modern New York vernacular.  They’ve built a huge fan base not only off their few hits but off their intense and seductive live performances.  Many of the fans in attendance had seen them multiple times, always coming back to see their hero, Karen O.  We witnessed all of this at McMenamins Edgefield, which has an amazing history in and of itself.

Having not even heard of the band until somewhere around 2006, I was surprised to see such a large following.  There were literally thousands crammed tightly inside the venue.  I began to understand the cult hit when Karen O came on stage in an outfit I only though Lady Gaga would wear.  As songs progressed she would strip off the adornments one by one until she had an entirely new outfit, ready to rock into the next hit where fans would simply scream in excitement.

Overall we found this to be an amazing group.  Even if you’re so-so on the music itself the experience and way in which those songs are delivered will leave you yearning for more.



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