A Veritable Quirk

Felt green curtains.  They’re what I’m staring at as I enter the door of Veritable Quandary, a quaint restaurant, highly decorated in an old brick building, surrounded by plants and hardly looking large enough to feed 15 people rather than 100+.   I push aside the curtains and duck into the room to find what I’d almost recall as an old English pub (classy and clean, of course).  A long wooden bar takes up half the space and but a few small booths line the other wall.  It’s packed.  People are celebrating, sauntering on in conversation about friends and work.  As you pass by the tall bar stools and past the active and crowded kitchen, a hostess meets you and guides you down the stairs and into the main dining area.  Who knew this was back here?  There’s even a wine cellar with a single round table which can be reserved for your big events.


The outdoors is amazing still.  Gated and sitting beside a grass field rather than other buildings, the patio leaves you feeling at home.  Denny, the long time owner who brought the wonderful restaurant here in  1971 does all of the gardening himself, taking care of and positioning every plant you see.   While great if you can find a spot, it’s difficult when the sun is out and events are happening near the waterfront.


A glance at the menu will have most mouths watering.  Walu walu, free-range lamb and chicken, quail egg salads… all sourced from local companies.  And please, feel free to be adventurous tonight.  The quality of ingredients won’t let you down.  Finding out the lobster mushrooms in my dish cost more than the prime cut of meat? Pretty excellent.  There are a number of well-tuned individuals running the kitchen as well.  Props go to Annie, the chef.  Her amazing skill and creative mind keep the food exciting and her staff seem to have nothing but love for the woman.


Pricing can get up there when aiming to have a big meal and yes, you should go to have a big meal.  Get anything that looks good.  I didn’t get the feeling itmes were overpriced however, which is nice.  Based upon the quality and quantity, have always left happy.   A great place for dates and those looking to broaden horizons.  We highly recommend the Veritable Quandary and will continue to go back ourselves.


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