Six Inches of Pleasure.

Six months ago I was lying in bed with my head on a posturepedic pillow… Not sleeping, mind you, but reading technology news on my phone.  Why an exciting moment!  Except that I’m squinting to read text and flinging my finger to scroll every few sentences. As a Windows Phone user I was jealous of phones like the Galaxy Note and HTC One MAX which despite their gigantic screens seemed to be selling gloriously to consumers like myself who watch videos and browse the interwebz constantly. While giant phones are seemingly goofy and were not thought to catch on, they’ve gone and done it anyhow.  My inner geek made an educated guess Nokia was coming out with a plus-size phone with one of their fancy cameras… Was I right?

Flash forward to November 22nd and the Nokia Lumina 1520 is being released. Sweet glory, it’s even better than expected.  Full 1080p resolution, a 20 megapixel Purview camera with Carl Zeiss lenses and image stabilization, 2.2Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor and 2Gb of RAM… sweet glory.  The biggest surprise is likely the massive 6.0″ screen; much bigger than the Galaxy Note and other pallets and only 1″ smaller than full blown tablets like the iPad mini and Nexus 7. Holy burned retinas, Batman!  And just look at this thing: It’s beautiful.  Special technology helps the screen be more vibrant and readable in direct sunlight, as well as sensitive enough to be effective while wearing gloves.  Perfect for the invading chill of the Northwest.

Colors are vibrant, coming in yellow, black, red, and white (the first two being matte). Gorilla Glass 2 should keep the screen safe enough to survive a few small drops.  Most should know already how hard it is to kill a Nokia.  Here’s hoping you can hammer it with nails and come away scratch free like other Lumina variants.

The only downsides to consider?  AT&T is the only carrier available and they’ve done two things that were not in the best interest of the consumer. 1) Storage was reduced from 32Gb to 16Gb.  Perhaps this could be to keep cost down, though no matter seeing we have up to 64Gb of additional storage to be added via storage car. 2) Qi wireless charging, an amazing feature that plow you to charge your phone by simply placing it near a charging source, eliminating the need to plug it in, was removed by AT&T so their own PMA wireless charging could be used.  Only problem with that?  It’s not built in, you’ll need to buy a bulky case in order to take advantage.  If you’re a Nokia fan, that means buying new charging plates as well… harrumph.

My order?  Placed earlier this week through the Windows Store which is currently giving $50 of free apps and one flip cover which provides some easily removable protection that doubles as a stand.  Sweet!   Are you as stoked as me for this new top-of-the-line device? Sound off below.-Tizz


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