Showing Up For Life


Today was another one that ended with my face buried deeply in my hands. There seemed an overwhelming amount of incompetent individuals with sticks perusing the bubble that is my life. Why in such a modern society does it feel like some folks still don’t seem to get it?   Today I share a few short (yet far from simple) lessons we need to learn – or re-learn for some of us – to help make the world a better place for both ourselves and others:

1) Do what you say you’ll do.

And don’t do what you say you won’t.   This simple statement could be the key to discovery and happiness for our species if only we weren’t so flawed.   We’ll innately fail and let others, and ourselves, down.  Because of this we need to be mindful of the things we speak into being.  “A man’s word is his bond,” and rightfully so.  Accomplish more, hurt less and get off your butt and into action.

2) Blame yourself for almost everything in life.

When we’re younger we don’t have control of the things that surround us, but as adults we do entirely. The people we hang around, the money we make, our inner and external health… Learn to hold yourself accountable.  Learn to create solutions.  Change starts at yourself.

3) Treat others with respect.

Because karma is a huge bitch.  Don’t be surprised when the world comes crashing down to expose it’s innards.  Keep in mind that your actions come back around and putting that extra foot forward for another can reap benefits when you really need them.  Small things seam meager yet equate substantially.



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