Kay’s Bar


Sellwood is an interesting place. Stepping into a dive bar may require hopping over a dog or two on the way to your seat.   Bicycles rival cars for the most popular way of transport.   Working attire?  Better believe you need a full sleeve tattoo and holes in your ears.  It is home to well renowned restaurants with lines around the block and a dozen dive bars which make you feel like a scumbag after leaving even if you weren’t one beforehand.  And you know…  it’s excellent.  Sellwood has character, flavor, and life.

Kays is one of those original favorites that adds character.  Opened in 1934, it’s history walking in the door.  The best way to describe it is the classiest of dive bars.  You can tell by the wood clapboard walls and the 1980’s malt liquor adds strewn all over that this used to be a dive bar. What throws you off is the tasteful remodel which must’ve come in the last 10-15 years.  Marble counter tops at the bar. Classic red topped stools.  Stitched leather seat backs in the booths which line the outside walls.  Someone did this with purpose.

Really you’re needing to stop in for the burgers and poutine.  That’s right, poutine. In case you’ve been living under a rock, poutine comes from our Canadian neighbors to the North.  One of them had the brilliant idea to take a plate of fries, add gravy and seasoning, then melt cheese on top.  It’s extremely unhealthy and yes, you should still eat it.


The burgers are some of the best in the area.  The menu is often given a little shake and you’ll find slightly different styles of burgers often, likely due to the amazing amount of toppings available.  The Kay’s Burger, starting at $9, is a build-your-own style with easily 15-20 options to identify your preference.  Portobello, avocado, and Swiss?  You got it.  Blackened seasoning, queso blanco, and jalapenos? Yep.  BBQ sauce, bacon, and cheddar?  Sure.

Happy hours are available from 3-6 every day (3-8 on Mondays) and have a good variety of things you can snack on or create a whole meal from.  With a small but great variety of beers on tap and over 50 whiskeys available, this is easily a place you can find yourself wanting to return.



One thought on “Kay’s Bar

  1. Before I moved to Lents, I lived in Sellwood for quite a few years, around 2001-2005. Kay’s was one of my favorite places to hang out and get drunk. That was before/after the remodel. I remember lots of old-timers belly up at the bar, chain smoking as early as 10 am. I haven’t been back since I left the neighborhood but those burger options sound enticing. Might be time for a visit!

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