CuddleCon – Portland’s Cuddle Convention


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Recently I was made aware of a new convention coming to town.  Sounds cool, right?  ComicCon, Kumoricon, Orycon and a number of others have become major players and Portland is a great town for freaks and geeks, entirely willing to sport their secret loves, come out in groves to share it with the public.  It’s obvious, then, to hear how CuddleCon: The Cuddling Convention caught my attention.

Samantha Hess, a proclaimed cuddle professional hailing from SE Portland (because, where else?), has championed this event.  Professional cuddler, you ask?  While I feel I can cuddle like a pro, she has something I don’t.  Samantha has regular clientele who spend an hour with her, non-sexually, cuddling for $60 a pop.  This industry is actually something that’s been growing throughout the country and she is Portland’s first venture.  The “touch industry” has been spreading like wildfire under the idea that touch helps revive and soften the emotions and stress we all feel in our everyday lives.

Clients range from singles to those in long-term relationships.  Though thus far it’s been heavily weighted towards guys, even women get in on the benefits of human connection and getting a bit of human interaction where they otherwise can’t find it.  This then is the basis of CuddleCon.  With details easily found at, an IndieGoGo site (a leading crowdfunding site) where they are currently trying to raise funds for their event, they’re currently 7 days into their 20 day campaign and only $860 has been raised of their $33,000 goal.

Contributing helps fund a myriad of events including snuggle parties, massage classes, dance lessons and yoga instruction.  There are even smaller events such as piggyback riding and pillow fighting.  Their goal is more than 200 attendees in a safe, comfortable environment which they hope to improve year after year, eventually creating the largest convention of it’s kind.  The event lands on February 14th, Valentines Day, so I’ll be curious to see if the majority of attendees are singles or couples who tend to plan their own events that day.  Regardless, everyone is welcome and sure to find a unique experience they could fall in love with.

CuddleCon begins at Samantha’s shop, Cuddle Up To me, over at 1015 E Burnside St.  All events are within walking distance and you can potentially even get a piggyback ride to the festivities (hizzah!).  So if any of this interests you head on over to their site and contribute if you can, or at least show up to what might be your favorite Con of the year.



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