Destiny: The Taken King Review

destiny01My relationship with Destiny has been troubled.  In the year since it’s launch, I’ve been flustered to understand why I’m even playing.  The game had such potential, but there were gaping problems; The story line was cut last moment, leaving a confused journey where nothing made sense.  There were 3-4 weapons that dominated all others, and if you didn’t have one yourself you were screwed.  And oh man, was it seriously repetitive; You would play the same jagged story with the same boss again, and again, and again…

There were a few positives though:  Excellent use of resources, perfect FPS controls, and many fights that really make you think and play your best.  It was easy to see how Destiny could have been the best shooter ever, which is why the constant let downs are what ultimately drove the title to simply “good”.

DestinyTakenKingGuardians When The Taken King (TTK) was announced, it pissed off fans even more.  They were charging $40 for the 3rd expansion, totaling $140 cost for all expansions for those playing since the beginning.  The fact new players get the whole bundle for $80 does little to relieve the pocketbooks of those who’ve been so dedicated. I even had a friend blow up at how Activision and Bungie were “ripping people off” and it was “complete bullcrap” that they charge so much for such limited content.

But then it came out.  Here we are, three weeks after launch and I’m still completing new parts of the story line.  They’ve tied events together and explained how the heck humanity ended up worshiping a giant space-ball.  They added new enemies who now interact with each other more.  There are a TON of new weapons and the upgrading system has been improved dramatically.  There’s a new raid which I’ve heard is good but my guardian is too weak to attempt, so… working on that.

BungietkkIt’s not only the new content that’s great.  Bungie went back and added new levels to the systems that were already in place.  This finally feels like the game that was supposed to be released in the first place.  The Gunsmith now has “field test” guns that you need to use in specific ways to earn reputation, and that reputation opens new quests, gives legendary guns, and some think hold secrets to the best loot in the game.

Person-Vs-Person (PvP) is even better now. The Crucible has always been fun and TKK has added multiple new play modes. Control, a game where you have to overtake and control certain areas of the map, was always a crowd favorite and now there’s two versions, fixing a primary complaint where controlling the zones became secondary to racking up points off kills.  Thorn (a thorn in players sides) is much less used thanks to the PvP nerf I haven’t cursed or thrown my controller across the room once!  Go me!Destiny-8So what’s the final say?  This is the game we always wanted it to be.  It has groves of content, a real “love for the grind” attitude, and a sense of community I really haven’t experienced before.  Destiny is now one of the best shooters on the market, if not ever.  Guardians, see you on the battlefield.